Bayway Projects

      Our theme this semester has been describing the various affects that are present in our chosen ecologies. In regards to my chosen ecology in the “Bayway Projects”, the production of sound and video are two powerful platforms to expose to my intended audience the affect that exists those who inhabit that community. I will be discussing the techniques I will be using throughout the production of my video, and the intended audience I am attempting to reach.
To start, the location for production shots and sequences are going to take place are at the lone three housing complexes and the few nearby bodegas and chicken shack restaurants that the residents have as their main accesses for nutrition within the Bayway community. This is important because both housing facilities are located on two separate blocks directly across the street from one another; it so happens that these buildings are surrounded by three food establishments whose contents would be considered inferior nutritional options at best. I want to make visually evident to my intended audience through my video, both sections of the building so that they are able to see the whole landscape of what constitutes, and has contributed to existing precarities; this includes, but is not limited to, liquor stores, Dunkin Donuts, Emily Supermarket, Bayway Fried Chicken and Iva Supermarket. I plan on filming an up-close shot of the centralized location of the entire layout of the housing projects which is building 305. This will be recorded during daylight hours from 12pm to 1 pm, during the week, a time where most children will be attending school. This will give me more accurate shots without any disturbance or interruption that minors may cause while being filmed.
 From there, the following shot will be pulling out of building 2 door 305, showing a view of the courtyard. This shot serves as a process of showing off the affect that many residents experience feeling deserted or alone. Since around this time period, there is less foot traffic with fewer people about, I find this shot to be more suitable for my intended audience as a way to show and express how some residents feel about their current situation while in the housing projects, which again I find to be feelings of abandonment and loneliness. The abundance of exposed windows and the excellent natural lighting that this area has, should do well to depict the affect within the first couple of shots.
The following shot will be achieved simply by holding the camera in a stationary position and pointing it from the building and walking towards the Fried Chicken restaurant. Buildings one and two are the closest to these food establishments, which also contains a liquor store. More likely than not, the following shot would include two older African American males sitting in front of Iva supermarket. They are always posted up sitting in between the supermarket and the chicken shack. Sometimes I catch them consuming alcohol beverages early in the morning however, I have not decided if I will include a shot of this. However, if I do I feel this would tie into the affect feeling of abandonment.
The following shot will record the beginning blocks of 825 and 830 Clarkson ave which are the two buildings that are on separate blocks. By contrasting the look of building two with building one, I am able to contrast the affects of the 2 separate blocks with one shared identity within their living quarters. This shot will be achieved simply by holding the camera up in a stationary position and pointing it at that the buildings from four different angles. Most likely this shot will include residents walking from across the street from building 2 to building 3 which will depict how the two facilities interact socially. Residents hardly ever stop walking across the street from each other. By showing shots off of people walking from one desired building to another, we can express the nature of human movement and also show the unity present among the people who occupy these spaces.
Another shot capturing the feet of traveling residents of the buildings can be achieved simply by mounting the camera at a low angle in a stationary position. This will be during the hours of 4 pm to 5 pm when there is more foot traffic and sunlight is still in abundance. The shot itself will not be long in length, as it serves as the focal point of the video. The shot has the purpose of showing off the interaction of the people walking in and out of Emily supermarket, in addition to, interaction on both sides of the buildings.
In addition,  from looking at these 2 works of media, it is possible to see how “captured” and recorded through different means and techniques of production. My intended audience mainly consists of the people who do not understand what entails and surrounds the low incoming housing community. I want them to consider other lived experiences, and recreate that affect of emotion that I felt in the films, “Gasland” and “Food Inc”.
To summarize, the key takeaway from these recording is not just that media creation in itself, but the idea and notion that one can capture and record different types of affect through different production techniques; it is the message that is delivered. Audiences will always have a difference of opinions about everything, and I am aware of the fact that what is inspiring for one person can be very dull to another. My main intention is to get a message across to an individual that has never exposed to this type of environment and help touch their heart.



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