Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

As I have currently only recorded sounds of the ecology, I am planning to add interviews to my sound draft. I am especially looking to add two interviewee subjects – one, a volunteer of the site, and another, a visitor who regularly visits the site. I’m seeking to gather information form them on their own observation with the precocity of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and their predictions of what will the future hold for the ecology and its species.

As I look to incorporate the sound of the ecology in a large portion of the sound, I’m planning to use the sounds I have gathered and those which I will gather, as a background of the interviews as well as in between the interviews.

As the ecology has variety of sounds, I’m looking to incorporate some kind of effect, which would disrupt the harmony of the sound in order to signal for the alarming precocity, as well as layer sounds of different species living in  the ecology in order to emphasize on the variety and richness of life which calls the ecology home.

I will certainly incorporate the sound of airplanes which pass regularly above the site, as this is something which is inevitable to hear when at the site, and also actively and continuously disrupting the natural habitat of thousands of living species on the site.

In the editing process, I am looking to layer the sounds and create an experience for the listener which will both transition them at the site, as well as inform them about the ecology.



~ by ivasophia on November 5, 2018.