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My initial thought on my ecology was to explore the economics discrimination between the rich and the poor. It is important to me because I believe that the main cause of the exploitation of the poor is the miscommunication, dehumanization and the lack of empathy between the two sides of the spectrum. Personally, I have experienced this myself from being raised in Thailand where the wealth income gap is probably one of the biggest in the world. People from different classes do not interact. They do not want to nor feel the need to. Meanwhile, New York has filled neighborhoods of the rich and the poor living side by side like a parallel world that do not intersect.

I had been avoiding my third topic, gun Violence in East Flatbush because I wanted to put in the view and exploration of the rich neighborhood as well. However, it is hard to pinpoint how I want to express both sides of the issues and to fully concentrate on both. I was struggling to filter down my thoughts when I wanted to keep all my messages without considering the limitations. I had to let go of my first idea and work with what I have which in fact is what I already have been looking for. Gun and gang violence are the results that stem from this unequal distribution of wealth. A micro picture of the exploitation of the poor reflects the macro picture of the unfair system that we are living in.

Luckily, I have been visiting my friends who live in East Flatbush which gave me a head start to get familiarize with the area. What I first noticed was a large number of black populations within the area or the fact that I was the only Asian person there. Obviously, there is more space, roads are wider, there are less taxi cab and more cars, and the buildings are pretty much shorter than the ones in Manhattan. Some sidewalks are cracked with garbage lying around but that is just typical of New York City. Before the sunsets, this neighborhood looks peaceful and harmless.

I went up to my friend’s rooftop while looking the Manhattan Skyline view underneath the pink sky, my friend pointed to the side of the deeper Flatbush area and said: “A couple just got shot over there two weeks ago.”
Under the facade of the harmless street of Utica Avenue, East Flatbush has the high gun and gang epidemic that is plaguing people in the community. As mentioned above, it is a result of the unfair and unjust system that we are in. However, there is a lot more factor that contributes to the continuation of this violence that I have yet to find out.

Manika (Mai) Tejapaibul


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  1. 1.Destiny Lopez
    3.Jocelyne Enriquez

  2. 1.Destiny Lopez – got best overall because her work was descriptive, personal and emotional. This makes the reader able to imagine what it is like to be in the situation while pointing out the problem of the lack of facilities for those with hearing difficulties. Lastly, able to make the reader feel for her and the community.
    2.Carlos – Affective because the blog post has the highest sense of urgency. It started off with bigger picture of American history while zooming out to describe the picture of the surround while ended with his personal thoughts. This allows the audience to truly grasp the problem in micro and macro view.
    3.Jocelyne Enriquez – Informative because she gave us facts and statistics within the blog post while linking it with the current affairs. Moreover, she describes thoroughly her plans and what she is looking for.

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