BLOG POST#1 Flushing District Development

As a place where often reminds me of home, Flushing is a place where I used to find the most authentic foods or to spend Friday nights with my friends. I still remember the astonishment I got during my first visit to Flushing. I was so shocked by how similar this area could be compared to most of the third-tier cities in China. Flushing is always crowded, and the sidewalks are always jammed. I remember to keep running into others and naturally to say sorry in Chinese. For me, Flushing is a place that let me escape from the busy “American City Life,” a place for me to get surrounding by all the elements that I used to have around in an older form.

During my most current visit, Flushing was still very crowded as usual. Since it was the holiday season, every shop was decorated with traditional Chinese New Year decoration. People gathered around those fruit and vegetable shops, and these shops all extended their shops to the sidewalk. Along with all the customers, half of the paths are blocked. Walking down the street, there were also many street vendors selling or advertising their products by the sidewalk or under the bridge. Whenever I pasted these vendors, I could feel my walking pace slowing down. Although I like Flushing, I always felt this area is very crowded, dirty and old.

With my research idea in mind, I explored the area more and went to some places beyond the main street. When I visited the Skyview Center, which is a vast shopping mall in Flushing, I was astonished by how good the mall is. The mall looked no different from any other mall I see in central Manhattan. The mall was bright and clean, and have big stores like Target, Best Buy, etc. When I walked into the Target, most parts of the store had no customer, and many of the payment lines were empty. With my shock of how good the mall is, I found that there were many new buildings either are in the construction period or were newly built. Most of these buildings are luxury apartments, and not like those old buildings in the central district, many of these buildings are covered with the glass curtain wall. I found that there seems to be an invisible division between the old and the new. The old part of Flushing appeared to get very little repair or renew, while the new side of Flushing is developing at a drastic pace.


~ by Andia Yu on February 17, 2019.