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East Flatbush Brooklyn has the highest gun and murder rate in New York City. This cruel reality painted the picture of people in the community as criminals, dangerous and fearful human beings. However, what people tend to look over is the real cause of the problem which is the structural flaws that we have in our society that only allows a few people to have more than half of world’s wealth while others have to live in disparity. In the environment without a decent education, healthcare along with the constant surveillance and the availability of guns and drugs, it is not that hard to trick people into pulling triggers.

What frustrated me the most is the truth finding out process. Where are all the guns drugs came from? According to Business Insider, drugs came from South and Central America through Mexico and most guns acquired in the area are through the illegal gun sources. Does this mean that the decriminalization of guns and drugs could lower the violence within the people? And where are all the gang members came from? Even the FBI could not estimate the number of MS-13 through the border into America. The truth is hidden somewhere but to find out the real statistic of such a big criminal organization; drug trafficking, human trafficking, gun trafficking or the reality of the underworld is not going to be easy to reveal.

After hours of researching, struggling to find out the real numbers, I woke up to a text from the head of GMACC organization that said: “15-year-old young man was shot and killed at 1395 East Flatbush Ave, please come to the area for a shooting response.” It upset me and pissed me off. Another life was taken through the exploitation of the poor while for those who are really benefiting off this criminal organization is hiding somewhere, enjoying themselves underneath the blood and tears of the people…

In the freezing cold weather, I held a camera in my hand looking through a picture of a boy that was stuck in front of his house. “Rip lil bro, you’ll be missed,” those are the written words next to the picture him. Candles light flickering was the only source of light shining through the shadow of the building. In the background, I can hear the staff from GMACC organization speaking through the microphone out loud: “ it’s easy to just pick a gun up and shoot someone. That is what a coward does.” I was overwhelmed with anger, disappointment, frustration, and sadness. I don’t even know this kid, why am I crying? He was so young, how can someone do this to him? why is this happening in the world? How do I find out the truth and actually make a change for the people so that this doesn’t have to keep repeating itself every day?

What I can do now is to keep researching and let the truth reveals itself to me. Not only to me but also to the people so that we can finally come up with the best policy for us, for the people, by the people and to stop this endless killing and violence.

~ by mai14009 on March 3, 2019.

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  1. Most informative: Having a limited amount of knowledge regarding the matters about gang violence and drug dealings especially in New York City, I was able to learn from your post, also having to google about GMAAC. Your concrete details about receiving a text message and going to the victim’s residence were powerful, leaving me with a solemn feeling.

  2. Most affective: The description of your feelings about what happened to the 15-year old teen made me feel identified with you. It produced an affective response from me and I pictured the scene we were describing.

  3. 3. Most Affective

    Even though this post have only one image, it is very affective combined with the written portion. The image is black and white, which gives more attention to texture rather than color. It directly shows us the “anger, disappointment, frustration, and sadness” described in your emotional response to the scene, and ties your whole experience back to one single media, well done.

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