Blog post #2 In Jackson Heights…

My ecology is centered on the transnational economy as an effect of immigration in Jackson Heights. To further understand this process and the problems faced by Latin American immigrants living in this neighborhood I decided to explore more of the spaces in which this issue is reflected. As I stated on my first post, money sending and shipping offices are the places that exemplify this process.

I visited two of these places on Roosevelt Avenue to ask questions about the services they offer, to which countries do they offer services and I tried to get more information from the people using these services and the workers. Entering these places was a familiar experience for me, I could understand the language spoken by all the people present there, Spanish, and sending packages to my family in Latin America is something that I have done before.

Latino music playing on the background and signs on the wall offering services to Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador were present at the offices I visited. I saw two ladies on their forties, from Colombia as I found later, and I started talking to them. They were very talkative and started telling me things about their families and their lives as immigrants here. One of them told she does not know what to, her husband had a work-related injury, he is not legally authorized to work in the U.S and that complicates things for them. She does not ear much money and has to work 3 jobs as a house-maid to support her husband and daughter here and two sons in Colombia. Afterwards, I asked one of the workers at these places, which I know, because I regularly go there, more information regarding the countries they send packages to, which ones are the most popular and which kind of things people send. She told me the top countries are Colombia and Mexico and that besides sending money, people usually send products like clothing, medicine and electronics (cellphones mostly). What does this mean? People usually send products that their families need. Based on my experience, some medicines are easier to find here that in Latin America and they are even cheaper.

~ by jocelyne97 on March 3, 2019.