Blog post #2 Main Street Flushing, commercial garbage

My trip to Flushing this weekend had two purposes. One is to dig deeper and find more insights about my ecology topic, the other one is to find anywhere that I can buy sweet dumplings that have meat inside of them. Those types of dumplings are typical Shanghainese dim sum, that can be find nowhere in Manhattan. No one believes that they are tasty besides my school mates from Shanghai. I promised them that I find them in Flushing, Main Street as I know it is a heaven when people want to find some authentic Chinese flavors. 

When I got off from the LIRR train at Main Street Station, I can literally feel that vibe, which is luring me to step down from the station and take a walk on Main Street immediately as I know clearly how delicious the foods there can be and how lively and familiar the air there is. However, Main Street is still Main Street. Every step I took went through careful consideration. The ground was covered by snow from last night mixing with dirt; I need to pay special attention to the foods on the ground that were threw by pedestrians; litters wrapped by black plastic bags are still overwhelming to me even I’ve been to the place for so many times. I do feel the vibe is familiar, it is like my home, but it’s still different. It is way more overwhelming. All the elements are concentrated intensively on the same street. 

I spotted two garbage collecting centers, one is right next to Main Street, the other is located at the residential area next to Main Street. The condition of the first one is nasty. Juices spilling out of the plastic bags and got all over the place. The second one, which should be the one that is responsible for the garbages produced in the residential area, is much better compare to the first one. 

I paid special attention to every single restaurant this time so that hopefully I wouldn’t miss the one that sell sweet dumpling. I found it. It is far from a “restaurant”, only a booth instead. It is in a food market, where more than 20 booths that sell all types of Asian dishes. From Taiwan to Guangzhou, from Shanghai to Szechuan, I literally saw a country in the sense of food. The owner of the booth that sells sweet dumplings noticed that I’m from Shanghai from my accent. He was so excited when I told him this is the only place I can find this type of sweet dumplings. He told me that he’s been here for 13 years, and the business was got getting better because of the fierce competition. He urged me that I should add his Wechat(a type of social media), and he will tell me if they have other types of traditional Shanghai dim sum. The conversation was totally casual, and had nothing to do with the commercial garbage problem that I’m focusing on, but I think that we’ll meet and talk again. 

~ by yongdanxu98 on March 3, 2019.