Blog#2 Zooming In

Although I focused on details on my previous visit, I continued to do so this time around. I had many ideas on what I wanted to find and capture if I could as I brainstormed on my subway ride there. However, when I got off the subway and began my fifteen minute walk to the park, I realized how much snow was still left on the sidewalks and grass. Hence, my expectations started to dwindle down. Nevertheless, I knew I couldn’t let this trip be in vain.

The park was still as before as still as ever, even more so since I went there early in the morning. Only the sun and wind and snow surrounding me, there was this emptiness that the park contained, devoid of human interaction. But continuing to look closer, the shadows of life gradually came to light, especially as time moved forward with minutes and quarters. Footprints are left behind, both man and animal. Though unseen, yet still present with these remains.

Walking towards the waterfront promenade, I wanted to see how contrasting this visit would be compared to previous ones. Not to my surprise, it wasn’t as significantly different as before. But, there were very few people who were out running in the harsh wind and less traffic of cars passing by. I did run into roadkill by chance and captured a crow pecking at it (caution of bird picture below). Would this by chance show an ecological precarity?

Trash still proliferated along the coast and sidewalk. However, this is also very likely due to the strong winds that caused the lids of the trash cans to be topple over, increasing the once properly placed trash to end up displaced. This could explain how some plastic bags, balloons, and even paper cups were stuck in between the branches of trees as well.

And wouldn’t you take a look. The Amazon package and this fallen off board is still here at the waterfront, albeit with more snow coverage and Tropicana to add to the fun.

-Ruby Wu

~ by twinklingofeye on March 3, 2019.

4 Responses to “Blog#2 Zooming In”

  1. Most Affective: I think the zoom in aspect to the details of the park works very effectively, especially the contrast between the bird and the trash in the park.

  2. 1. Best in Show

    The crispy clear images each with a focal point created by the rule of third allow the readers to zoom in on the details you want us to focus on and actually wrote about in affective languages such as “wouldn’t you take a look.”

  3. Best overall: The photographs are very detailed which inform the viewer about the site. Paragraph that goes “trash still proliferated…” also adds to the informativeness of the post.
    Moreover, I like how you are writing down your goals and obstacles (Para 1and 2). The strong first-person voice makes it very affective.

  4. Most effective: Your blog post is very personal. I like how you engage with the reader and ask them to take a look at your images. It made me feel like I am walking through the park with you! You are able to capture small details that normally people would overlook which allows the reader to see and feel what it is like to care about the park, its inhabitant and the surrounding.

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