Blog #3

Urbanibalism considers the city and the natureculture complex as a tangle of flows and strata where the border between the organic and inorganic life blurs, thus the posthuman ecology becomes a place that possesses a sense of geological metabolism where the organic, inorganic, social, economic, and linguistics overlap— East Harlem— that borders Harlem and Upper East Side, that is filled with Spanish, mixed with English, Arabic, and Mandarin, where housing projects meet the fast food restaurants… You take the subway and get off at 86th street and you see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, iconic and the ultimate symbol of cultural and economic wealth; you take the subway and get off one stop further at 103th street and you see the landscape of worn-down bodegas, signs for EBTs, and McDonald flags fluctuated in the wind. The (un)documented citizens of the immigrant neighborhood, participate daily in this area’s economic development. They work in local shops; they get displaced when the “urban” is being rezoned… with arbitrary borders. The city is a gigantic stomach, it does this along its economical, political and colonial fault lines. The scent of chicken tenders, the blasting Spanish music on the streets, the empty regards in the people’s eyes— all the senses, captured by my devices, are translated into a computational language that hopefully, work together as a networked affect with coherence, could help you step into this neighborhood. There is no longer an outside.


~ by mojojojoy on March 31, 2019.