Blog post #3

Necropolitics is the politics of death, how a society or a social structure has the power to “let live and make die” in other words dictate who gets to live and who has to die. This statement may sound cynical, too unbelievable to some, however, necropolitics describes the current society that we are living in. It is the society where some people can live a luxurious life without having to worry about their bank account while some can’t even live a day without begging for a change. This is because economic inequality leads to physical inequality making wealth dictate people’s life and death.

East Flatbush like many places in the world has low life quality problems. The air quality is unhealthy, there are only limited safe spaces for youth to be. The economic disparity forces some to adopt violence and join the gang as the answer which further pushes paranoia in the police making them pick on youth in the community creating an endless vicious cycle. This is the true example of how government spending on certain facilities, environments can dictate people’s lives. East Flatbush is just a fragment of the world’s system problem as a whole. It is the system that allows those who has the authority to control the world’s population.

But How do we get people to care?

From reading the post-human glossary, words that spoke to my mind are “Necropolitics, noise, occupy and networked affect” which all gave me a step closer to the answer of the question.

We live in the world of social media networking where messages can be sent, liked or shared which circulated and intensify its meaning by both the people and platform or what is called the networked affect. It may sound simple but the sense of togetherness intensified by the liked and shared button is beyond imaginable. If used in the right way, it can more create awareness, sympathy, and hopefully more understanding and reform. However, we need to spot the noise which is defined as something that counters affect the information, for instance, today’s fake news media, media polarization, shadow banning or simply disinformation. The manipulation of information in order to persuade the mass has been done for centuries, however, today it has been widely used than ever. Politics is about dividing the people by making them see things as binary in order to pick a side. However, the networked affect can help people spot, disregard noises and compromise instead as being used as a tool to fulfill certain political agendas. Despite that, it is not easy. Before creating a networked affect where people share and like a message, one has to be able to make people occupy with the content which is to become fully immersed in the work. How do we create a work of art that occupies people to advocate for something and shift a political and social idea? To become a voice instead of a noise? It is something hard to create but its affect is powerful and worth trying to create in order to the end the necropolitical society that we are living in.

~ by mai14009 on March 31, 2019.