Blog#3 Horror May Not Be As Scary

I devised the title of this piece as “Horror May Not Be As Scary” because if man is able to understand the causes and background that prompts such “horror”, then they wouldn’t be as caught off guard and be horrified.

What horror am I referring to? Ecohorror. It is defined as “a genre that deals with our fears an anxieties about the environment” (115). Though not limited to the ‘nature strikes back’ narrative, this narrative can be seen as a theme in science-fiction books and movies. But the causes that lead to ecohorror could very well be due to the reckless actions of humans. So great this epoch of human activities has impacted Earth—”human changes to the Earth’s climate, land, oceans and biosphere” (45), that it even been given the name “Anthropocene”, which is usually “characterized by a gradual extinction of other living entities” (36).

Hence, the project of ‘ecomaterialism’ has been conceived as “a project of theorizing the earth’s human and other-than-human dwellers in terms of multiple becomings with a detailed consideration of … the global dynamic of crisis ecologies as a result of human-driven alteration so the planetary ecosystems” (120).

I have used various forms of technology to compile the Anthropocene evidences that I have gathered at Astoria Park. With these video clips, I want edit them into once concise video to compare and contrast the beautiful to the ugly. By doing so will perhaps be able to emphasize the destructing actions of humans—even if it may not seem as severe at the beginning. However, as these tiny actions accumulate, consequences become horrific. The stories of nature turning their backs on humans, which are written by humans, show that we, humans, are not unaware of the harm being done on nature. Yet, knowledge is empty, without value, if knowledge doesn’t lead to action.

As a digital citizen, I understand how digital citizenship “requires us to interrogate technology as a place where power and knowledge find mechanized expressions” (104). And so, I act by composing my webpage for an audience that uses the Internet regularly, where they are able to locate the videos that portray the foreshadowing and leading to ecohorror if decisive actions to protect and fight for the well-being of the environment are not taken care of.

How much longer can others realize to what extent man has ruined the earth?

-quotes from The Posthuman Glossary; Anthropocene, Anthropocene Observatory, Digital Citizenship, Ecohorror, Ecomaterialism


~ by twinklingofeye on March 31, 2019.