Blog post 3 – to be continue…

Blog post 3

When wandering around the site, I was thinking about the word “Anthropocene”. The term is now being widely debated and articulated. The project itself is an observatory practice I am taking to unfold the effects human actions have made to both ourselves and the outside world around us. “The project combines film, photography, documentation, interviews, spatial analysis and fieldwork to form an archive and a series of installations, seminars, debates and cultural interventions.”(45) Yes, it is about how I makes sense of the world around me, and how can I put those altogether in turn so that they can make sense to me. When recording, I paid special attention to human interactions as I believe any movement can bring up something besides the action itself. I chose to make the video into a documentary, which means that I’ll try to make the video as authentic as possible so that audiences can see through my eyes and feel what I was experiencing. 

Audios, photos I took, videos I recorded, and even the texts I wrote on our website are giving the audiences a combined sense of the issue I am addressing to. I’m trying to speak to them by using all types of media forms so that they can sense and feel the problems I am talking about. Whitehead suggested that “sensing” could be understood as the ways in which experience is expressed through subjects. Also, sensing practices are collaborative. “Sensors do not merely capture environmental data, but rather they are involved in collaborative sensing practices for parsing environments and environmental problems, as well as organizing approaches for how to take action and generate political responses through particular forms of environmental citizenship.”(394)

The aim this time to Flushing is to using my recording device to present a kind of visual map of the site. The documentary I am going to make, though might be a bit hard to achieve, should be something both purely authentic and story-like. “Matter’s stories emerge through humans, but at the same time humans themselves ‘emerge through “material agencies” that leave their traces in lives as well as stories.” No one can actually foresee what is going to happen, and what is the plot. As I first started to work on the project, I was so determined that I would go as deep as I can, and I would try my best to show my audiences how shabby the infrastructure on Main street is. During my first two trips there, and before I literally talked to the merchandisers and residents there, my opinion towards the whole area was so negative that I could never believe that the condition is getting better. However, according to what they said and what I saw later, I actually found that many are trying to address to the problem. I though that my whole experience with the site would be determined, purposeful, and follower my planed path. It turned out to be an adventure-liked investigation. Every time I step on the train back to Manhattan, “to be continue” popped out within my brain.

~ by yongdanxu98 on April 1, 2019.