vibrating, pulsing, brimming — surging — abundantly overflowing! greening and growing! exists in a bed of soil the possibility and the met promise!

the liveliness of life!

sun sitting and clouds sailing, humans toiling, tilling and toiling, brown hands reaching and grabbing, fingers extending, feeling and tilling, toiling and toiling, sweaty-brow wiping and water guzzling-guzzling.

tuck a seed into a bed of soil, pull the covers over tight. waiting, watering, waiting, watering, waiting.

curtained by the brownest of brown, to an audience of ants and worms and rotting leaves fathom this unfathomable miracle! skin breaks, spindly legs extend like the creeping crawling of a spider, or curious searching of fingers, imagine their journey further and farther, stretching in every direction, how tightly they cling, forceful tendrils, firmly convicted! planted!

that is not all– the brightest of greens, freshest and neonest of green, poke through the brown curtain, humbly yearning to make dear acquaintance with the sun. Up and up, hopelessly devoting, determinedly persisting, until, in the quietest of births, piercing through from a world of brown to a sea of blue, heaving a full breath for the first time, throwing arms out to the sky in an ecstasy that is true. true and lasting, erupting into colorful growths, each filled with more life, life that desires to live.

life that journeys, desire that journeys, through the air in scents and feelings, from the browns to the greens to the palms of a hand to a waiting tongue. that erupts there even further, into glowing energy, into thinking and feeling, wanting and dreaming, walking and running, sitting and standing, sleeping and reading and making and growing and living. the unfathomable miracle.

the possibility and the met promise. the liveliness of life!

Spurthi Kontham (reach me at konthamspurthi at g-mail dot com)

~ by Spurthi Kontham on November 1, 2019.