Myself as Outsider, Insider, and Knowledge

Myself as Outsider

Climbing up the stairs from Utica Ave Station and into broad daylight,

Feeling of tranquility rushes within me.

Brownstones, treeline streets, greenery, friezes,

my eyes gaze at the intricate detailing that surrounds me.

L’Antagoniste, Saraghina Peaches Hot House, Hart’s,

my mouth waters from the ambrosial whiffs filling the air.

Birds chirping, children laughing, swift breezes, music everywhere,

my ears take in the positive and pleasant sounds.


Myself as Insider,

Climbing down the stairs from Myrtle Ave Station and into broad daylight,

Feeling of melancholy rushes within me.

Crowdedness, waste, depravation, lines of shopping carts

my eyes catch the negative affects that surrounds me.

Food shelters, garbage, oil, spoiled

my mouth represses the pungent odors.

Moans, grunts, frustration, cries

my ears take in the negative and uncomfortable sounds.


Myself as Knowledge,

The facade of gentrification opens,

Poverty lies in the exterior

Hunger, inequity, anxiety encompass the environment

Bodegas, fast food, inflation exhibit the culture

But community lies in the interior,

Solidarity, encouragement, hope encompass the environment

Music, food shelters, murals exhibit the culture.

Therein lies the true heart of Bed-Stuy.


~ by oga217 on November 2, 2019.