Observations: 10/31/19

Each and every time I descend down these worn metal stairs and land on the concrete below, I find something new to catch my eye:

If one person is energy, vibrant, then what power lies in our multitudes?

Weekdays. Fruit. Men. Noise. Trucks. Sun.

Weekends. Music. Food Trucks, smells, sounds. Crowds. Families. 

Today is different, an unintentional exposition of the life that lies past my line of sight.

Rain has pushed away the fruit stands, idle dwellers, daily vendors.

I swim against the current, dodging pumpkins, pirates, and princesses. Music, loud, heavy, pushes me to find its source. People laugh, run, pose, chase. A store I pass displays men with big bags, candy bags, children crowded around them all.

Wind whips at my face.

I pass the lump of excitement, love, happiness, as the charged air dissipates, affect removed. The wind gathers strength in the absence of resistance as I push towards the horizon. There are people still, seated, immobile. They talk in low voices, close. Family. Music plays, quieter, darker. But not sadder. I feel more like an outsider without the protection of the crowd. Exposed. The elements. Alone. But I am the only one alone, an imaginary divide. Physical? In manifestation. Collectively — mental in source.

The low groan that pulls us like magnets to accumulate in these spaces. If we are all only two sides of one planet, the forces that unite us are not our own. Like them, those inside, I feel the same pull, even from the outside. Not social, physical. Not societal, unconscious

Quickly, Excitedly, Happily, Vibrant. The dullness of the city does not exist here. Freedom. 

~ by catherinebenge on November 2, 2019.

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