This wetland is no longer going to be a wetland

Pitter Patter

Splash, Sploosh;

You can see the water droplet hit the green surface and hide between the leaves.

She was wandering the forest of her dreams, only hearing her feet tread, the cracking twigs and the leaves under her feet. Clenching her fists tightly, she keeps moving forward. A lone tear rolled down her face, it fell on the ground and joined the puddle of water. Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream. I began to approach her and as our eyes met, I asked “Gabriella, whenever you feel comfortable please tell me why you’re crying.”

“I don’t know from where to start Celine”, she whimpered. “we found out a few days ago that DEC has granted the permit to the developer”.

As soon as I heard that, I knew this sacred wetland would no longer even be a wetland, but just another extension of New York’s concrete jungle. Now the latest target of corporate interest, this natural wetland will be reclassified as a residential and commercial zone and become the new home of a series new developments: a gas station, a wholesale club, and parking lot. It was just a week ago when I was last here, when local resistance was at the peak of their protests. We still held onto hope that the locals might succeed in their efforts to prevent the development. It seems that the locals have been fighting a losing battle.

As I stood there, I could only picture the gray bustle of New York City engulfing this greenery with its collection of trucks, workers, jackhammers, and shovels. The calm and sanctitude I was greeted with at my first visit of the site, the families of squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and deer, will all soon be dispersed. The 1700 trees that were waving at me will soon be cut down.

As I stood there, the wetland was humming with life all around me. I twirl about, gazing up, searching for the birds singing blissfully and obliviously. Each breathe is like water, fresh and cleansing, flowing freely into my lungs. The same tears that swelled the eyes of Gabriella had now migrated to my own cheeks, as the thoughts of this wetland being destroyed refused to leave me.

-Celine Seifi

~ by celineseifi on November 2, 2019.