Visualizing the Gowanus Canal

The Gowanus Canal stretches across many neighborhoods.

It intertwines itself with all the different parts – the diversity.

I got off at Bergen Street.

Run down, dusty, nowhere.

A few steps off the subway, I’m in a neighborhood.

Brownstones all around, friendly fall decorations too.

I can hear the birds. 

I can see mother and child walking home together.

I can see working adults carrying shopping bags from Whole Foods andTrader Joes.

Mother & Child

I got off at Carroll Street.

My first glimpse of the Canal from above.

It’s glistening, with its steel contraption companions.

Closer to the Canal, I see steel and cement shops.

Warehouses line the streets, with NO ENTRY signs.

I see the bold words SANITATION DEPT. across a big green building.

I see the barges that are floating right on the Canal.

Gowanus from Above

I got off at 9 Street. 

I find myself among construction.

Rumbles of the road, beeping of the cranes. 

Pedestrians are few, and don’t stand a chance against the roaring construction.

Developments rising between the friendly brownstones and the cold steel shops.

Constructing a New Gowanus

The Gowanus Canal encompasses all.

Within a few blocks, it’s a different neighborhood again.

– Lucy Liu

~ by liucylu on November 2, 2019.

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