A Few Words About Rockaway, Queens

A Few Words About Rockaway, Queens  (Follow the link above for audio.)

Rockaway sits faraway in New York’s memory and thought
Caught between city, sea and residential plots
The ocean creeps up to its’ door and ditches its effort from time to time
Reminding the residents that it was here first.
Sometimes pleasantly, or with hot revenge
Talk to the locals. Be surprised.  They claim the island.
When others treat it’s subsistence an afterthought
Even when the world follows suit
They’ve learned to pride their existence here
Even though at the end of the day, as Jimi would say
Will the wind ever remember? No
This will be the last.
The wind, whether it’s name was Mary or Sandy, holds truth for Rockaway’s past.
As if it was written in stone.
That these homes all alone would have zero say.
Let’s hope that the sands of Rockaway, the nameless winds, the multiplying kin will eventually touch the shores of Manhattan island, creep up to it’s door and remind all who deny that Rockaway is here without fearScreen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.52.30 PM

~ by Thomas Paparella on November 3, 2019.