Unjust, unassailability, uninhibitedness, and

Unanswered boundaries implemented within a cage system that is constantly transforming.

Neighborhoods expansion on gentrification, wallows deeply into the governmental and legal system.

Watchers at every end, praying on those that were defined and labeled lesser beings before the city itself was even built.

For many confined in this community there is an instilled perception of the process of the…


Eviction … the grotesque process of eradicating victims that suffer from being exemplified as an issue in need of extermination.

Negotiation … the cluster of legal ramifications navigated by namelessness parties that seek to abduct and negligently pursue constant partisanship and neutrality of property.

Demolishment … of homes that debuts the destruction of residences and has largely demoralized hope and aspirations for destined opportunities for youth and families.

~ by deyonsmith on November 3, 2019.

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