CHANGES: Covid-19, From 0 – 100

“This week has been a crazy year.”

In a matter of one week, days even, my thesis exhibition-cancelled, my upcoming dance show-cancelled, admitted student events-cancelled, resident assistant? no more… senior week? graduation? commencement?

With all the changes that played out recently, my video project will portray my experience of this pandemic as it shifted dramatically from making those last semester senior memories to a sudden rupture of my senior year experience, to what might be months on end by myself at home, working remotely. 

It will focus specifically on the many ways that things changed for me, as a Studio Art major, a dancer, a Resident Assistant, an Admissions Ambassador, an international student in my final semester at NYU, etc etc. I plan to address the project in 3 parts. First, I will depict my experiences before everything changed, videos of normalcy, being with friends, being able to paint in my studio, in person dance rehearsals, etc. Secondly, I will depict my experience of everything taking what felt like an unexpected turn, and suddenly being placed in this sprecarity… the uncertainty of the virus and its effects in the US, worldwide, and especially back home in Jamaica… having to move from one residence hall to another in the middle of the night… everything being cancelled… the thought that the worst is still yet to come… wondering how things are back home, and the list goes on. Finally, the video will shift to how I’m spending the time in confinement, working from home, dancing from home, making art from home. It will hopefully end on a positive note, showcasing how I’m making the most of confinement during this pandemic.

Production-wise, I would like to conduct this project in documentary format, that plays back and forth between me talking about the experience, answering questions such as, “How did things change for you?” “What did you have to give up?” “What had you most worried?” “What has the pandemic made you appreciate?” “What will you change after this pandemic?,” to clips before, during and potentially after, everything changed, including all the in-between moments of the changes that personally affected me. Additionally, I want to pay special attention to how I portray the passage of time, both for the entirety of the project and also in different moments. Therefore, I plan to include clips of time lapses, clips of me doing the same thing, whether it’s dancing around, doing homework, exercising but all from home, and in the same space. In general, I plan to record moments of my days as they unfold. However, I also plan to collect clips, news articles, images, screenshots, etc. of things happening in the outside world, as I have experienced them. For these moments, I will pay specific attention to how they are depicted in the video, for example portrait view for screenshots, screen recordings etc, so as to differentiate experiences of the outside world, from my own personal experience. 

“Though I’m going through changes, don’t mean that I changed.”

-Justin Bieber

Despite all the changes, and the precarity of it all, I’m trying think positively, and cling to some sort of normalcy. In a year, 5 years from now, I don’t want to remember my final semester in a negative light, especially because I really have had a lot of experiences to be grateful for. What I do want to remember, is how I did my best to make the most of it. Of course, this is a very historic and unprecedented moment, and in (however long it takes) when this is over, it will be important to remember how everything came to a stand still. We will remember countries being placed on lockdown, borders closing, hospitals running out of space and sufficient equipment in their facilities, health care workers putting their lives on the line, and the danger of it all . Still, in the future, I think it will also be important to remember how we emerged from the experience, how we spent the time, and how it changed us. 

~ by kayleereynolds on March 29, 2020.

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  1. I remembered your quotes

  2. I really enjoyed the quotes that you used. They greatly contributed to your complete view of the situation and your commitment to uplifting it. This is helpful something I have not seen enough of lately.

  3. That you are trying to think positively and trying to keep to some normalcy during this time really stuck with me!

  4. The way you construct your video through different questions make it very interesting. It seems like you are inviting the audience to be in a virtual interview. I like the engaging thread of thoughts.

  5. Hi Kaylee, your situations are what stuck on my mind because of the amount of change and pain you’re going through right now, but your decision to take on this situation positively is what truly put a smile on my face. Stay strong!

  6. I respect you a lot for having this mindset when you have to go through this in your final semester. The idea of comparing your life before and during this event is interesting to see in a video!

  7. The positivity you had in these difficult times of your senior year is amazing. Can’t wait to see your video and share the positivity with more people.

  8. This week really has been a crazy year! It’s very obvious just how fast the virus has changed life for you but your positive attitude really does stick out! Hang in there!

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