COVID-19–video proposal for my journey back home.

The main idea of this video is to show my own quarantine time during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic not only has changed our class routine and has a great impact on our daily life. As students living and studying in one of the busiest cities in the world, we need to adjust to this new “social-distancing” lifestyle, staying in and reducing social interaction with other people. Our ecology shrinks from an entire neighborhood to our own private space and there will surely be lots of precarity increased with this sudden change. Moreover, the coronavirus was and is still rapidly spreading across the world and many contemporary policies in different countries had established new policies to mitigate its effect. As an international student in NYC, policies from both the US and my home country affect my plan and my experience during this pandemic. In this case, I want to explore these policies’ influence mainly through my own quarantine journey and other students’ experience. 

I was lucky enough to get the ticket and traveled back home to Shenzhen, China after NYU decided to conduct a fully online class schedule for the rest of the semester.  But I chose to come back pretty late (March 26th EST) compare to others when most businesses already closed down in NYC due to the restriction policy. The main part of my video would focus on my journey all the way back to my home city and the following 14 days of mandatory quarantine in a local hotel. I plan to make this first part of the video in the “vlog” style so that the audience can follow my journey to the greatest extend. I have recorded some footage about the situation at the airport, on the plane and when I landed so I will edit them in chronological sequence. 

The second part of my video will be my 14 days of quarantine life in a hotel room. I plan to make a collage of how I spend my days in a small room and what procedures I need to be through as a traveler back home. So video clips may range from my zoom class, binge-watching Netflix to hotel staff members sending meals and doing tests for us. I hope this part can show some of my precarity when limited conditions and how I feel and work around these problems. 

Since my entire quarantine days cover the time of the video project, I may not get enough informational footage inside my hotel room. Therefore the third part of the video I plan to record small interviews with some of my friends through Zoom/Facetime. I hope this video is not only about my own experience but also reflects the student group as a whole under the pandemic. Many of us made different decisions during this time, some choose to stay in NYC and some choose to go back home. In this case, I want to incorporate other student’s experience into the video to get a fuller picture. 

The video will be filmed through iPhone8 in landscape mode and I will edit different footages using Adobe Premiere Pro. The interview session will be an exception as it will be recorded through video chat platforms instead of my phone. Given the special situation, I am not sure to what extend I can film inside the hotel especially around medical staff, so for some procedures that I may not be able to film (e.g. when I am doing tests), I will replace with other usable footages or do a voice-over to further explain it. For footages contains conversations or images in the Chinese language, I will add in subtitles if the information is necessary for the video. 

~ by ashleyli on March 29, 2020.